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See you again this blog, with low self-esteem always share information.
This time I will talk about a business opportunity from a website advertising adfly
Taking an example of the internet can make people famous in a while, eg via youtube video uploads from many people who have become famous.

New products can increase sales by adannya promotion on the internet.
In conclusion promotion on the internet is great for wide-reaching.
See a picture that is so short, there's an opportunity to become agents advertising on the internet, but to create a website advertising is not easy.
So how,
There is an advertising affiliate program to join and it's free you just click here
to join
After joining what the next step
Here's an example I have a link that will promote http:http://www.rezekidarisms.com/?jemputrezeki then you shrink it to adfly the url into the next http://adf.ly/LZmq0 url link that you promote is that of adf . ly
How do we get a commission

We will get a commission when the url of adf.ly there is a click and view advertisements to 5 seconds.
Perhaps you have when browsing or downloading will appear before adf.ly ads from the beginning until 5 seconds and then you click skip / skip in the top right corner, with the click skip / skip you will go to the actual website

So hopefully useful

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